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Your overall lot size, setbacks and lot restrictions will determine what type/size pool is appropriate for you and your family. In terms of shape and style, it really depends on how you plan to use your pool. If exercise is most important, then perhaps a pool that facilitates swimming laps is appropriate. If you desire a pool that reflects a backyard oasis that is the perfect setting for entertaining, relaxing and overall enjoyment then freeform design is probably most suited. Our design professionals can assist you in determining the pool design that works best for you.

  1. We have proudly been in business since 2004. Our company not only builds swimming pools but we renovate, maintain and service swimming pools as well. This is important because we can assist you from start to finish for your backyard Heritage experience.
  2. We are a financially solid, family owned company. Many pool companies operate from pool to pool and are interested in getting your project done and moving on to the next one. Some even operate out of their house or have under several company names to hide any negative information filed with the Better Business Bureau. They may be able to build your pool but you must ask the question, “will they be there to stand behind their work?” IMPORTANT! Make sure any company you work with has a physical street/office address that you can visit. If not, you could be inviting trouble in terms of reconciling problems you may have with their construction quality and warranty.
  3. We are an award-winning pool company in both design, construction excellence, service as well as business conduct. We are proud of these recognitions as it is definitely reflective of our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

The time it takes to build your pool is ultimately dependent on the size and complexity of the design and any adverse weather delays we may incur. Our commitment to all of customers is a quality built swimming pool with the best experience you can have. We will not rush any job just to finish a job. We build our pools like they are our own to ensure years of enjoyment. Typically, our pools will take 8+ weeks to construct.

There are several advantages of building your swimming pool when your house is being constructed. One of the financial advantages is potentially including your pool loan into your home loan. Another advantage is during the installation process we can install our swimming pool without disrupting the freshly laid sod, irrigation, septic and other items that usually positioned where the pool will be. You will also be able to have the electrical work completed to prevent damages to the house while gaining access to the electrical box.

We currently work with several select swimming pool finance companies who can assist you with your loan needs. Your Heritage Pools design consultant can help you with the process and all applications are available online.


Heritage Pools Swoosh

If you have more questions and need more answers, request our Critical Pool Questions document.