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Charleston's beautiful beaches and downtown make it a great place to live, but the coastal soil isn't always pool-friendly. That's where our Heritage I-Beam Pool™ comes in, offering durability, luxury, and that exclusive technology of Heritage Pools.

Under the surface

Before diving into a pool purchase, it's important to understand the facts about pool structures, especially in an area like Charleston. While many parts of the US enjoy stable, dry soil without regular ground disturbances, Charleston isn't so lucky. Our area grapples with frequent ground tremors, unpredictable soil, and groundwater challenges.

That’s why taking your time to research your pool build is key. Without a thorough evaluation of your property, you may end up with a pool that can’t be supported by your soil. The quality of your pool hinges on the expertise of your builder and the quality of the materials they use.

Unfortunately, most pool issues arise years after the contractor has finished. To avoid disastrous buyer’s remorse, choose Heritage Pools for your build.

Anatomy of a heritage pool

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i-beam pool

The Heritage Difference

Did you witness the "thousand-year flood" in South Carolina in 2015? Despite its name, a "thousand-year flood" doesn't mean it happens once every millennium. Instead, it's a statistical term indicating a 1 in 1,000 chance of such an event occurring in any given year. This rare deluge served as a reminder of the importance of robust and region-specific pool designs.

The Heritage I-Beam Pool™ stands out because it's tailor-made for our region's challenges. Think of it this way: if homes along the coast are fortified to withstand weather, why shouldn’t our pools be crafted the same way? While other companies may gloss over the unique challenges of the Lowcountry, we choose a different route. We want your pool to last just as much as you do.

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The Heritage I-Beam Pool™ is specifically crafted to combat unpredictable soil. Its advanced I-Beam Brace and sturdy resin walls promise carefree pool ownership for generations. Exclusive to the Charleston region, Heritage Pools stands as the sole factory-authorized company using this patented technology.

Why is it so resilient?

Pools typically bear the weight of the pool deck and the pressure from the surrounding soil. Recognizing a need for better weight distribution, we innovated. Instead of the walls bearing the burden, the weight is transferred onto the unyielding shoulders of a series of concrete-filled I-Beam Braces. With the Heritage Pool™ I-Beam Brace system, no weight pressures the pool walls directly. Just like in bridge construction, the "live load" is spread evenly across the entire support system, from the braces to the concrete foundation. This robust design has been dubbed the "strongest" brace by the APSP (Association of Pool and Spa Professionals).

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