Preparing Your Pool for a Hurricane [Printable Guide]

It’s that time of season and it’s one of the risks we take living on the coast – hurricanes. Preparing your pool for a hurricane can help prevent potential damage to your pool and equipment.

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth hurricane season, Heritage Pools is here to help you prepare for it, and, if need be, recover from it.

The following steps will help you be prepared for when the inevitable storm arises.

Do Not Empty Your Pool

Water weight is what keeps your pool in the ground. Without water, extensive damage can occur, possibly resulting in your pool “popping” out of the ground due to the excessive groundwater.

Turn Off Power and Protect Equipment

Pumps, lights, chlorinators, heaters, etc. should be turned off at your main circuit breaker. You do not want your pool electrical equipment running during the storm. If you know your area is prone to flooding, you could even lay down a sandbag barricade around your equipment.

Safely Store Pool Deck Objects

While you’re out there turning off power, you should also take a look around your pool deck and backyard. Chairs, umbrellas, tables, grills, etc., can become airborne hazards during the storm. Store these objects in a safe, enclosed space. Never store objects in your pool.

Adding Chemicals to Your Pool

All types of debris are going to enter your pool during the storm. In addition to chlorine you should also add algaecide to prevent your pool from turning green. We typically use the following ratio of pool size to chlorine. If your pool is:

  • Less than 10,000 gallons – add 2-4 gallons.
  • Up to 30,000 gallons – add 4-6 gallons.
  • Above 40,000 gallons – add 6-8 gallons.

Pool Covers

Leave your pool cover open. Extra water weight and debris can cause serious damage to the cover and pool if closed during the storm.

Safety Fences or Screen Enclosures

The wind has to go somewhere. We recommend providing a way for the wind to get through the enclosure/fence.

Well Points

It is best for a professional to assess your pool prior to running your well points, in case of producing further damage.

Professional Assistance

Remember to take pictures of your pool prior to the storm. If after the storm, you’re concerned about damage, you can reach us at (843) 762-3417, social media, or our website. We can dispatch someone to assess your pool, deck, and equipment.